“The primary mission of is to help golfers everywhere become better putters by overcoming nervous tension over pressure putts. To accomplish this we place the golfer in one of many certified Q Courses with an immaculate putting surface where he/she will face dozens of pressure filled putts with far reaching tournament condition consequences, thereby conditioning his/her mind and nerves through the principles of repetition and familiarity. We have created a revolutionary way that allows golfers to effectively practice putting under tournament pressure! will change the way the golf world practices putting forever!”


It’s here! The exciting new putting improvement system that links the golf world and gives golfers everywhere the opportunity to experience the thrills and disappointments associated with pressure putting on a scale never before available. certified Q Courses link golfers everywhere, effectively placing everyone on the same putting surface, facing the same putts, with the same speed and break. Our unique scoring system and software have surpassed our hopes of providing a genuine pressure filled golf experience that conditions the mind and nerves and provides a great deal of pure golf enjoyment. Imagine, the entire country with easy access to the same putting surface. This concept creates limitless pressure-filled putting competition possibilities! Our intention is to place Q Courses around the country and indeed around the world! We invite you to participate and enjoy the benefits of!

"This is one of the funnest golf experiences that I've ever had!"



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